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Actual projects 


This project aims to assist those managing legal cases related to cultural hetiage in MENA region  to understand the legal obligations under international, national and Islamic law relating to heritage protection

Heritage for Peace and their partners have researched the intersections between these three branches of law relating to the safeguarding of heritage and we have invited community leaders, heritage professionals and law officials to participate  in E-learning training on the legal framework that forbids the destruction of heritage, looting and the illicit antiquities trade. This project funded by Gerda Henkel Stiftung .For  more information see the project website https://sheltr.heritageforpeace.org/#course 



The “Protecting heritage in places of conflict through digital tools: the role of civil society (Pacton)” project aims to use digital tools for the remote support of the NGOs and local organizations working in the protection of historical and archaeological heritage and to create databases with heritage properties in danger.

It is focused on four countries in the southern Mediterranean and the Near East affected by conflicts: Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya. This project enables the collection of information generated by civil society to which international agencies have no access. This project in partnership between Heritage For Peace, CSIC-IMF and CREAF and with the funding of BBVA Foundation. For more information see the project website http://pacton.es/ 


3- Heritage for Peace – Creating a Social Lab for Impact, Awareness and Advocacy for Cultural Heritage Protection in Crisis Situations


 Cultural Emergency Response (CER) and Heritage for Peace will engage in a three-year collaboration focusing on advocating for the inclusion of cultural heritage in policies and mechanisms to respond in crisis situations. Both organizations aim to be pioneers in the field of cultural heritage protection and advocate for a more inclusive sector. Moreover, they aim to make the case and raise the importance of cultural heritage protection and integrate it in the strategic plans of adjacent fields as humanitarian aid, peacebuilding, and disaster and conflict management. 

As an initial activity both organizations have engaged in the publication of a white paper to show the nexus between Cultural Heritage – Crisis – Peacebuilding. The preparation of the whitepaper will entail desk research as well as interviews with different stakeholders in relevant fields. As soon as the white paper is published, activities to promote its dissemination through social media and webinars will take place. Those meetings with experts will lead to debates and determine the gaps the connection between cultural heritage protection and adjacent fields. Furthermore, evaluations to analyse the impact of projects implemented by both organizations will be carried out to draw lessons and best practices in the field. An interactive map will be designed to easily show-case those initiatives and disseminate information. In the first, second and third year, annual conferences will be held as well as the continuation of the first-year activities as webinars and publication(s) to follow-up the initial white paper.


Previous Projects 


Basic Tools to Protect Cultural Heritage in Syria Now’ Workshop, organized for the staff of the Directorate-General for Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) at their request to assist them in protecting and safeguarding Syrian archaeological sites, historic monuments and museums. Discussion points and presentations were: Needs Assessment, Lessons learned, Resources, Other measures, Post-conflict situation (28 April – 1 May 2013).

Damage Assessment for Cultural Heritage Training for staff of the Syrian Interim Ministry of Culture and Family Affairs,  4 day train-the-trainer training for staff of the interim ministry working inside Syria in cooperation with the interim ministry of culture (23-26 November 2014)


Crisis Management Advice and Assistance

‘Resources’, an electronic platform created with information for heritage workers operating during a violent conflict on heritage protection of all sectors (March 2013).

Providing assistance to facilitate the participation of Syrian museum workers at the conference of Arab Museums in Beirut organized by the American University of Beirut (May 2013).

Formation of a Crisis Team in Damascus to facilitate more effective communication. (June 2013).

‘Needs Assessment’, designed as an e-Survey for DGAM (Sept 2013).

Conflict and Heritage: Lessons to Safeguard Syrian Heritage’, an international conference to share best practice and seek ways forward, organized in Santander, Spain (23-25 April 2014), followed by the Final Santander Statement and Outcomes.

‘Task Force on Antiquities and Museums’ design, drawn up for the interim Syrian Ministry of Culture and Family (July 2014).


Damage Assessment of Sites

‘Damage Mailing List’, a bi-weekly e-newsletter which continually updates subscribers with news about the damage to Syrian heritage in the present crisis (since March 2014)

‘Towards a protection of the Syrian cultural heritage: A summary of the international responses, Volume I (March 2011 – March 2014)’, report on international actions (April 2014).

Towards a protection of the Syrian cultural heritage: A summary of the international responses, Volume II (April 2014 – September 2014)‘, second report on international actions (October 2014).

‘Towards a protection of the Syrian cultural heritage: A summary of the international responses, Volume III (October 2014 – September 2014)’, third report on international actions (In prep).

Survey of Archaeological Site Directors in Syria:Heritage for Peace issued an invitation to all foreign mission archaeological site directors to participate in a brief survey, of those who prior to 2011 were directing archaeological research projects in Syria (June 2014), to collate information about the condition of the sites.

Developing proposals to assist volunteers in Syria to protect their heritage in areas that currently lack heritage staff (pending funding, as of August 2015).



‘No-strike list for Aleppo’, drawn up and published on the ANCBS website on July 4 2013 in cooperation with the UK Blue Shield (June 2013).

Resolution for Geneva talks on Peace in Syria Jan 2014, drawn up in agreement with the Syrian National Coalition. This Resolution was for discussion at the Geneva Peace Talks (Jan 2014), requesting all warring parties to protect the Syrian cultural heritage during the present conflict.

Development of software to assist in damage monitoring, in partnership with the Syrian Heritage Archive Project of the Museum für Islamische Kunst and the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (ongoing, August 2015)

Helping children in refugee camps connect to their Syrian heritage, in partnership with the Syrian Heritage Archive Project of the Museum für Islamische Kunst (project pending funding, as of August 2015)


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