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Date: 13 October2015


(To download a pdf of this factsheet, click here: Factsheet heritage for Peace October 2015)

The association Heritage for Peace is a new NGO registered in Girona, Spain on 28 February 2013.

Heritage for Peace is a “…non-profit organization whose mission is to support all heritage workers in their efforts to protect and safeguard a country’s cultural heritage during armed conflict. As an international group of heritage workers we believe that cultural heritage, and the protection thereof, can be used as a common ground for dialogue and therefore as a tool to enhance peace. We call on colleagues of all religions and ethnicities to enter into a dialogue and work together to safeguard their mutual heritage…” (Mission Statement)

Heritage for Peace has been created to assist our colleagues working in conflict situations to protect their heritage to the best of their, and our, abilities. The organisation is currently made up of twenty volunteers from nine countries who are all heritage experts. Cultural heritage is of global importance and the protection of it should be a concern for all of us. It is through the past we may find support for future peace.

In organizing our work Heritage for Peace remains impartial and continues to call on all parties associated with a conflict to fulfil their obligations under international law in protecting the country’s precious cultural heritage sites and institutions.

Our NGO is one of the few that focuses to support a country’s heritage during a conflict. We believe that

  • waiting to support a country’s threatened heritage in dire straits until the conflict is over (post-conflict) is often too late
  • cultural heritage and the protection thereof, even during a conflict, can bring people closer together and as such can become a tool for the enhancement of peace

Since our founding we are concentrating on the present violent conflict in Syria but our aim is to continue our work after the Syrian conflict is over.

Our initiatives and results to date include:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or for any other reason.

Yours sincerely

Heritage for Peace

Isber Sabrine MA (chair)

René Teijgeler (secretary)

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