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Heritage for Peace is an entirely volunteer-run NGO, but we still have operational costs we need to cover and projects we need to fund.

Heritage for Peace is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support all countries in conflict in their efforts to protect and safeguard cultural heritage during the armed conflict.

As an international group of heritage workers we believe that cultural heritage, and the protection thereof, can be used as a common ground for dialogue and therefore as a tool to enhance peace. We call on all people in these countries of any religion or ethnicity to enter into a dialogue and work together to safeguard their mutual heritage
Our projects now are concentrate in several Initiatives :

  1. Abuab Ukraine: seeks to help refugees those residing in Barcelona to preserve their national heritage, while using local cultural heritage and the arts as tools for integration and increased wellbeing. The activities of Abuab are conducted with the participation of Ukrainian refugees and local citizens alike to foster cultural interaction, bridge building, cultural awareness, and healing. For more information about the project . Look here our website and social media
  2. Palmyrene Voices: is a civil society initiative whose mission is to provide a platform for the voices of the Palmyrene people to reach the international community; to support all Palmyrene people in the diaspora in their efforts to come back to Palmyra; and to help them to rebuild their city in a way that guarantees their dignity and preserves their identity
  3. The Arab Network of Civil Society Organizations to Safeguard Cultural Heritage (ANSCH) is a joint initiative of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Heritage for Peace (H4P) in coordination with several Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in different Arab countries. The initiative works with government agencies, CSOs and non-profit organizations to identify, manage, plan and conserve archaeological sites, historical monuments, museums and other cultural heritage resources. Our work is now concentrated in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. its Values :Empowering Civil Society ,Foster Human Rights And Peacebuilding and Sustainable Development Approach