Palestina heritage reports

The war in the Gaza Strip is ongoing for more than month, 10,000 Palestinians have been killed so far, at least a third of whom are children, and a million others have been displaced in the first two weeks.There is a “comprehensive siege” on Gaza, cutting off food, water, fuel, and aid. The human loss in this war is a great loss and the suffering is huge, which is not limited only to humans, but also includes the heritage and identity of the Palestinian people in Gaza. This initial report was prepared in light of the current conflict and at the request and desire of many researchers and local residents to shed light on the situation of cultural heritage.
It is very important to thank those activists on the ground and who had the largest and most prominent role in completing this report for the Gaza Strip. We hope that they and their families are well, as we lost contact with them six days ago. We wish all the wounded a speedy recovery and we wish all civilians security and stability.
The repercussions and the great human tragedy that the people of Gaza are experiencing are enormous. We have prepared this report to shed light on another suffering, which is the loss of the heritage associated with this land. According to our role and responsibility as specialists in protecting cultural heritage in conflicts and crises , it is our duty and commitment to help and support activists from the local community. Highlighting archaeological and cultural sites and places that have cultural value for the local population and residents of that geographical area – Gaza.

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