Sudan heritage reports by SHPI

The first report cultural heritage situations in Sudan

by Sudan Heritage Protection Initiative (SHPI)

Prepared by: Ismail Hamid, Mahssin Yusef, Isber Sabrin, Tomomi Fushiya

Heritage for Peace launched the Sudan Heritage Protection Initiative (SHPI) in May 2023, in response to the conflict that erupted in Sudan on April 15th, 2023.

As part of our commitment, SHPI (sudan Heritage Protection Initiative ) will be sending out monthly updates that highlight the ongoing damage to Sudan’s important heritage. These reports are compiled from various sources, including news reports, citizen and journalist accounts, updates from other organizations, and more. SHPI will also share information about the activities undertaken to protect Sudan’s heritage. 

To receive regular updates on the damage to Sudan’s heritage during the present crisis, we encourage you to subscribe to our Damage mailing list by visiting the following link:

We sincerely hope that our efforts through the Sudan Heritage Protection Initiative will contribute to the ongoing endeavors to safeguard Sudan’s rich cultural heritage.

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