Daños al patrimonio de Siria – 26 Septiembre 2015


Daños al patrimonio de Siria
26 Septiembre 2015

Este boletín se presenta un resumen de los informes más recientes sobre los daños al patrimonio de Siria. Cabe destacar que muchos de estos datos no pueden ser verificados, pero se espera que va a ayudar en la documentación de los daños que ocurren, y ayudar a concienciar. Heritage for Peace have released a statement concerning their stance on data recording, availbale aquí.

Si el boletín informativo no se muestra correctamente, clic aquí para verlo online en un navegador.

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Nuevo de Patrimonio para la Paz | Actualizaciones en Daños | Actualizaciones en saqueo | Patrimonio Inmaterial | Syrian Activity | Los cambios de política y actualizaciones de Siria | Actividad Internacional | Noticias Actualizaciones


Nuevo de Patrimonio para la Paz

Patrimonio para la Paz asiste a conferencia en Bruselas

Personal HFP asistió a una conferencia internacional sobre el conflicto saqueos en Bruselas el septiembre 15 y 16. See the press release aquí. European MEPs discussed how best to change legislation to combat hte illict trafficking in anqtiquities.

Actualizaciones en Daños
(Demolition at Palmyra. Fuente de la foto: DGAM)

Da’esh intentionally destroying heritage sites

  • The DGAM released photos on September 11 2015 of Da’esh putting explosives into the Temple of Bel, que se puede encontrar aquí.
  • En 14 Septiembre 2015, un video surgió pretende mostrar Da'esh destruir el Monasterio de San. Elian in Syria, which can be viewed aquí, or from the Clarion Project aquí.

Damage to Palmyra

  • In a touching article, Peter Oborne, writing for Middle East Eye, interviews a solidier who witnessed the destruction at Palmyra. Read the interview aquí.
  • According to an activist Twitter feed, the citadel at Palmyra was hit in air raids on 21 y 24 Septiembre. El informe está verificado, and the extent of damage unknown.

Actualizaciones en saqueo

Preventing sale of looted artefacts proves a challenge

  • La BBC informa la advertencia de que el Dr. Mark Altaweel antigüedades en el mercado negro se están presentando en Londres en “Stolen Artefacts from IS-controlled Zones Surface in London” en septiembre 18 2015 aquí.

First proof of ‘looting-to-order’?

  • In the face of the controversy over the existence of the art-trade phenomenon, Dr Samuel Hardy has written a freely available article arguing that ‘looting-to-order’ is really happening (Septiembre 14 2015). Ver aquí for the article.

Patrimonio Inmaterial
  • Ninguno
Reports and Updates from the Syrian People

Memorial held for Qassem Yiyha

The DGAM held a memorial at the National Museum in Damascus for Qassem Yiyha, who was killed by a mortar round on September 12 2015. Para obtener más información, ver aquí.

Syrians work to protect their heritage from destruction

  • Jeremy Bowen para The New estadistas escribe un excelente artículo sobre los esfuerzos de Siria para salvar las antigüedades en septiembre 22 2015 aquí.
  • ABC news reports on efforts by Syrian archaeologists to safeguard artefacts from ISIS in “The Fight to Save Syria’s Antiquities from ISIS” (Septiembre 16 2015) aquí.
  • “All over the world, civilians are quietly doing their bit. I met Samir, a 24-year-old archaeology student and opposition activist from Damascus, who regularly crossed the border from Turkey into Syria to chart missing artefacts. He told me that the commanders of Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra (an al–Qaeda affiliate) were making money by selling off the most valuable antiquities. Samir was shot dead near Aleppo three months ago by a smuggling gang that works with the Islamists.”
    En Meet the men taking up arms to protect the Middle East’s ancient treasures, in the Spectator.

Los cambios de política y actualizaciones de Siria
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Actividad Internacional

Conferences highlight Syrian heritage

  • A conference was held on Sofia under Norwegian auspices on September 16 2015 to address looting in Syria, reported by DGAM aquí.
  • UK Blue Shield have set up a list of courses, talks, and conferences on cultural heritage in conflict and natural disasters. The list can be viewed aquí, and is updated regularly.

Archaeologists offer tribute to Khaled al-Assad

Australian archaeologists gathered on September 19 2015 to honour Khaled al-Assad, el arqueólogo que perdió la vida a Da'esh. Para más detalles y discusión, ver aquí.

3La tecnología D que se utilizará para el modelado de Palmyra

A new initiative hopes to build a 3D model of Palmyra. Pictures of Palmyra are needed: e-mail to palmyra3dmodel@outlook.com and see their Facebook la página para más.

Photo documentation of Palmyra requested for possible future restoration

[De their page] “Heritage of Syria needs your help …..
We are starting a very important photo project, documenting images of Palmyra and it’s artefacts taken by individuals, tourists or private collectors.
All the images collected will be kept in a special file to be used in any future restoration project.
The best of these images collected will be used in a photo exhibition in a prominent international museum and other places.
If you have visited Palmyra in the past and have taken some photos of the ruins or you have photographed items inside Palmyra museum or
If you know of anyone who have a private collection and like to help then please send me as many images as you wish on this E mail:
The images sent should be from your own private collection or from friends , not from books or internet ( please supply with each photo your name, nationality of the owner and date of the image taken, please indicate if you like your name to be on display if your photo included in the exhibition.
Thank you very much in advance…. Admin Ibn ( Helen )
Please send all your photos to syriaheritage@gmail.com”

Mensajes ASOR informan

The ASOR has released its latest weekly report (#51/52) via the Cultural Heritage Initiatives, que se puede encontrar aquí.

Cerca de Arqueología Oriental revista publica edición especial

The journal Near Eastern Archaeology released a special volume entitled “The Cultural Heritage Crisis in the Middle East” with articles along this theme. The special issue is available free of charge, courtesy of ASOR, aquí.

Noticias Actualizaciones
(No están cubiertos en otras secciones)

Looting and destruction of Syria’s heritage in the news

  • James Cuno para el Wall Street Journal (Septiembre 21 2015) pide fuerzas de la ONU y una protección más activa de los museos en “Saving Antiquities from Islamic State.” (Subscription required).
  • La BBC ha publicado un video recordando Palmyra en septiembre 15 2015, que se puede encontrar aquí.
  • Ynet.com’s oped on September 15 2015 argues that the destruction of heritage by IS is something “we may never recover from.”
  • The Washington Free Beacon looks at the link between Da’esh and the art trade on September 14 2015 aquí, interviewing Matthew Bogdanos, who led work to protect antiquities in Iraq.
  • Corine Wegner speaks to WV Public Broadcasting on her work to protect cultural heritage sites in Syria and Iraq on 14 Septiembre.
  • On September 11 2015 Apollo Magazine considers 3D recording as a means of preserving heritage aquí.
  • En el Architect’s Journal, Rory Olcato argues that ‘war over the destruction of ancient ruins is madness’ en septiembre 11 2015, responding to Dan Cruickshank’s earlier article arguing the opposite.

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