Daños al patrimonio de Siria – 26 Abril 2015



Daños al patrimonio de Siria

26 Abril 2015

Statement regarding information sharing and data verification

In light of the recent reports of destruction of heritage in the Middle East, and acknowledging the value of this as a propaganda tool, Heritage for Peace would like to reiterate that it is not our purpose here to verify the reports circulated and referred to in this newsletter. Our intent has always been the collation of all available data of possible heritage destruction in order to raise awareness of the problem, and assist those who do verify such information and conduct damage assessments by providing comprehensive data, in order to aid stabilisation, damage mitigation and, future restoration and reconstruction. Considering recent debates concerning the value of unverified information, we are currently considering this position and will issue a formal statement in the next newsletter. We welcome opinions and suggestions and can be reached at: contact@heritageforpeace.org

Este boletín se presenta un resumen de los informes más recientes sobre los daños al patrimonio de Siria. Cabe destacar que muchos de estos datos no pueden ser verificados, pero se espera que va a ayudar en la documentación de los daños que ocurren, y ayudar a concienciar.

Si el boletín informativo no se muestra correctamente, clic aquí para verlo online en un navegador.

Contenido principal

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Nuevo de Patrimonio para la Paz
Heritage for Peace participates in press interviews

HFP’s Rene Teijgeler has written an article on Gariwo.net entitled “Salvare l’arte, promuovere la pace”, que se puede encontrar aquí. HFP’s Esper Sabrine was interviewed for Radio Cataluny (Abril 17 2015) aquí, and by ARNDigital (Abril 13 2015) aquí. On April 14 2015, HFP participated in a Q&A at Franklin University, Suiza, in a course entitled “Visual Culture of Disaster” and was interviewed on Cadena Ser on April 10 2015 aquí.

Actualizaciones en Daños
(Damage to Simeon Mountain complex. Fuente de la foto: DGAM)

Damage in Aleppo region, Deir Ez-Zor and Idlib

  • There is continued vandalism around the church complex of St Simeon, in the countryside near Aleppo, the DGAM reports on April 18 2015 aquí.
  • Female Jihadists have set up a military training camp at Saint Simeon Byzantine Church in Aleppo Province. See the International Business Times article by Gianluca Mezzofiore and Arij Limam (Abril 10 2015) aquí.
  • Antiguas aldeas del norte de Siria, Idlib. A photo shows the destruction of the door of a Byzantine Tomb in Shanshara. Proteja sirio Arqueología, Abril 18 2015.
  • Details of saving some ancient objects of Deir-Alzour/Deir El-Zor Museum by Ayman Slaiman have been shared from Eyes on Heritage (Abril 18 2015) aquí.
(Minaret from Al Omari mosque in Daraa Photo credit: DGAM)

Damage in Daraa documented

  • The DGAM reports that the minaret of the Al-Omari mosque in Daraa has been damaged due to a mortar strike. Ver más detalles aquí.
  • The DGAM has issued four reports on damage in the region of Daraa including photographs. The first on April 6 2015 covers damage at Al Taiba in particular has suffered some serious vandalism aquí. The second on April 11 covers damage at Garz railway station, aquí. The third addresses damage to the late Roman structures at al-Mataiya, aquí. The fourth covers illegal digging at Khirbet al-Qinah y Khirbet al-Suhb aquí. These can also be found on DGAM’s Facebook page aquí.

Damage in Bosra

  • New footage and photos show shattered mosaics y walls at the Unesco World Heritage Site of Bosra shared in Travel Journal by Lizzie Porter (Abril 14 2015). These details can be found aquí.
  • Interview with the director of the archaeology department in Bosra was shared by Protect Syrian Archaeology (Abril 22 2015) aquí.
Actualizaciones en saqueo
See International Activity section for included notes on looting.
Patrimonio Inmaterial
  • Ninguno
Informes y Actualizaciones de la Dirección General de Antigüedades de Siria y Museos
DGAM releases damage assessment

The DGAM has released its damages assessment for the period of January 1 2015 to March 31 2015. The assessment can be seen aquí:

DGAM returns to work in citadel in Bosra

The DGAM reported on April 5 2015 that their personnel have managed to return to work on the citadel in Bosra and thanked the local community for their help in protecting the archaeological sites in the area. Ver aquí for more details.

Los cambios de política y actualizaciones de Siria
  • Ninguno
Actividad Internacional
UNESCO, UN organize efforts to bolster protection of heritage

  • UNESCO held a meeting with group of heritage experts to help safeguard heritage in Syria and Iraq, discussing increased information-sharing and cooperation together to enforce the February 12 UN security council resolution. Se pueden encontrar detalles aquí.
  • The head of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, has called on the younger generation to protect world heritage, que se puede encontrar aquí.
  • On April 16 2015, an UN anti-crime meeting in Doha discussed ways to stop the trade in stolen goods. For details, ver aquí.
ASOR publishes weekly reports for April

ASOR has released its 35th and 36th weekly reports from the Syrian Heritage Initiative, giving detailed analysis of the state of Syria’s heritage sites, que se puede encontrar aquí y aquí respectivamente.

Royal Ontario Museum hosts panel

On April 14 2015, the Royal Ontario Museum convened a panel of experts to discuss ‘Cultural Genocide in Iraq and Syria'. A discussion of the event can be found in the Globe and Mail from April 17 2015, aquí.

Noticias Actualizaciones

(No están cubiertos en otras secciones)

Looting and destruction of heritage in the news

    • The National Post on April 20 asks whether museum curators should buy artefacts implicated in the funding of terrorism, in an article found aquí.
    • On April 17 2015, the BBC discusses the call for an international response to IS’ looting aquí.
    • Christopher Jones on Hyperallergic (Abril 17, 2015) assesses the issues around any prospective international intervention against ISIS for the purpose of safeguarding culture. See the piece aquí.
    • CBC (Abril 14 2015) discusses the efforts of curators to save heritage from destruction, aquí.
    • BBC Arabic (Abril 9 2015)has published an article (Árabe) by Andrea Watts on artifacts trafficking by the Islamic State. BBC Arabic by Andrea Watts, que se puede encontrar aquí.
    • Julie Lowrie Henderson for PRI (Abril 8 2015) provides discussion about whether it is right to return artefacts to their countries of origin in times of war, aquí.
    • Conflict Antiquities is reporting that ‘Civilians may have been kidnapped and exchanged for arrested paramilitary antiquities looters in Syria' (Abril 7 2015).


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