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The aim of this resource list is to provide heritage staff who have to work in dangerous situations, with electronic information that might assist them in safeguarding their vulnerable heritage.  The resources are presented in English but often other languages can be chosen on the website. Please inform us if any hyperlinks are broken, you would help us and others a lot.

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  • Conservation of Artifacts from Plant Materials by Mary-Lou E. Florian, Dale Paul Kronkright, and Ruth E. Norton. The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles 1990.
  • Conserve O Grams. Conserve O Grams are short, focused leaflets about caring for museum objects, published in loose-leaf format by the National Park Service, USA. They published leaflets on:
    • Museum Collection Preservation
    • Security, Fire, and Curatorial Safety
    • Agents of Deterioration
    • Museum Collections Storage
    • Ethnographic Objects
    • Archeological Objects
    • Furniture and Wooden Objects
    • Ceramic, Glass, Plaster, and Plastic Objects
    • Leather and Skin Objects
    • Metal Objects
    • Natural History Specimens
    • Paintings
    • Paper Objects
    • Photographs
    • Stone Objects
    • Textile Objects
    • Packing and Shipping Museum Objects
    • Museum Exhibits
    • Archival and Manuscript Collections and Rare Books
    • Facility Specifications for Museum and Archive
    • Collections
    • Disaster Response and Recovery
    • Creation, Care, and Storage of Digital Materials

other interesting pages:

webpages on Disaster:

webpages on Collection Care

and very interesting a Visual Glossary to better understand how to describe the damage that occurs to cultural materials. Another splendid idea. The Glossary lists 78 items from Abrasion to Yellowing.

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