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The world has seen the heart-breaking suffering of the Syrian people and the extensive destruction of their ancient history since the conflict began.

Syrian refugees arrive in Turkey at the Cilvegozu crossing gate of Reyhanli, in Hatay, on August 31, 2013. (Bulent Kilic-AFP-Getty Images)

Heritage for Peace
is a non-governmental organization that support the Syrian heritage sector to safeguard their patrimony in any way they can. At the same time we are dedicated to the belief that heritage can provide a common ground for dialogue and therefore is a tool for peace building. Through cultural heritage the Syrian people have a foundation on which to build their future, and it should thus be protected. Our goals are to offer aid to heritage professionals working in conflict situations, and to encourage those who may be in a position to do so. In order to achieve that, we aim to provide:

  • a point of contact between those in Syria and the international heritage community
  • a platform for information and support
  • assistance in capacity building for the future.

However, in order to create a platform for peace and to prioritise reconstruction, we must know what condition the cultural heritage is in, and so we also document the damage.

Heritage foSyrian Faith 2010r Peace is concerned with the entire heritage sector including archaeological sites, historic monuments, museums, libraries and archives, and also religious heritage – we all have a right to a place to worship in peace. We believe that all forms of heritage and the beliefs and values associated with them should be valued equally as all people have a right to their own cultural expressions, and are committed to promoting these goals. It is exactly the acceptance of this diversity that is conditional for a lasting peace. Like UNESCO our motto is: Unity through Diversity.

The members of Heritage for Peace are academics, heritage professionals and independent advisors from Syria, Australia, Germany, Lebanon, Spain, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States. We are all experts in either heritage protection in conflict situations or Syrian heritage. Due to obvious reasons (Syria and Lebanon), to individual circumstances and to the sensitivity of the subject, we work during the conflict with all parties, we prefer to remain anonymous. Yet, you can always contact us through our general email (see below) and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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