Resources are important for anyone to do their work properly. Yet, in conflict situations access to resources is extremely difficult. Public services are limited if not absent entirely, markets are open irregularly or closed down, private enterprises reduce their workforce or their owners have fled. Today it is not uncommon to line up for hours to acquire bread. In short, in a war economy there is a dearth of just about anything. This in turn results in an increase in criminality, increased black market activity and violence.

Under these circumstances, our Syrian colleagues still have to survive. As a result of the war, not only much of their heritage is destroyed or severely damaged, looting and the illicit trade in artefacts have increased tremendously, with individuals and groups all participating.

Before the crisis heritage institutions and private persons did the best they could to preserve Syrian heritage. Of course, the heritage sector as all sectors suffered from the international sanctions of the Syrian regime. Over the last few years, international heritage aid slowly increased, mainly to stimulate the tourist sector but since the crisis this hesitant assistance has completely halted.

Clearly, the implications of the armed conflict for the Syrian heritage sector are devastating. That is why it is essential to provide those working in the sector with at least the minimum of resources. As it is next to impossible to get hard copies into Syria, the next best thing is to deliver this assistance through the internet.

With this resource list we aim to fulfill the need for electronic resources, providing basic resources online for cultural heritage management in Syria. Of course, the lists are not complete and we are more than willing to receive relevant additions. The resources are presented in English but often other languages can be chosen on the website.

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